New Nexus 2.4 ROM Also best ROM for Elephone P8000

I recommend everyone to try latest version of Nexus ROM 2.5. I think it’s currently the best ROM for P8000. It has multilanguage support, as stock ROM.
Author pages: http://forum.xda-developers.com/elephone-p8000/development/rom-nexus-t3235626

– install TWRP – http://www.needrom.com/category/elephone/p8000-elephone/
– detailed installation instruction for TWRP here – http://www.needrom.com/download/twrp-2-8-7-0-4/
– in TWRP make full wipe
– install Nexus 2.4 – https://mega.nz/#!p5QhQRQL!E2Bh-elZ5dFb5wyNSTCWeFmEDALReGYmxYPl8h3RgmE
– restart phone
– install GAPPS – https://mega.nz/#!tpA0ibCZ!oyzzwh9J_smTX2Pv5wd_Nc_CJciILlinnJGx2FeNPZA
– restart phone
– optionally install addons (see link above -> first post)

More exciting news will be coming soon: www.elephone.hk 
thanks rbarat.

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