HDP TV Live V2.0.5

HDP is a live network TV set-top boxes for well-designed, focused on live Android applications. Compact, simple interface, network aggregates more than 600 channels and remain updated daily. HDP aims to live free and share, so that more friends to experience the spirit of scientific and technological progress to bring you the quality of life improved.

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HDP Content: Editing
1, HDP has a large number of high-definition broadcast resources, more than 600 network channels casual look, there are more channels gradually update.
2, friends sharing program source comes from enthusiastic users, many we do not know the channel was continuously added more users.
HDP Live
Live HDP (3)
3, HDP live in the applications market, it contains a large number of Android applications, essential box, Television and aggregate class applications.
HDP Features:
1, live content more
HDP much to live channels to 600 in, is constantly updating
2, change the channel fast
HDP has been to live zapping as a development target, allowing users the shortest waiting time
3, simple interface
Than most live applications, clean exception HDP Live interface, no more than the interface.
4, file size small
HDP live less than the volume of 3M
5, high-definition
Each channel are quite clear, and the original program channels without any distinction.
6, update speed
HDP broadcast regularly update the application, be sure to allow users to use the best live software

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