Elephone P3000S RileyROM 1.0
Elephone P3000S RileyROM 1.0

This ROM is based on official Ellephone firmware dated 1/20/15….as requested in the MTK Phones Wish List thread.

ROM Features

Rooted with Superuser (Koush)
init.d and busybox support
English as default language (full international support)
Multi-User activated
Auto install of apks in your external SD autoinstall folder
Tweaks added to improve the likelihood of being able to write to SD
CWM Recovery created with MTKDroidTool

Back up your NVRAM/IMEI data before flashing this ROM. You can easily do this by:

1. Turn your tablet off.
2. Install the PDAnet app included in the ROM kit to install the drivers. (If you haven’t done so yet)
3. Open the flash tool on your Windows PC.
4. Load the scatter file as prompted…it’s in the RileyROM folder of the ROM kit.
5. Uncheck everything from the list of files to flash except recovery.img.
6. Browse by clicking the recovery.img line in the flash tool, and select CWM_Recovery.img.
7. Click Download (with Download Only setting on the flash tool)
8. Connect the USB to your tablet.
9. When the flash has completed (a box will show up saying so), unplug the USB from your tablet.
10. Hold the Vol+ button and press power. Your tablet will boot to CWM Recovery.
11. Open the MTK Droid Tools app (located in the ROM kit).
12. Connect USB to tablet and watch for your tablet info to populate on the MTK Droid Tool.
13. Click the IMEI/NVRAM button.
14. Click Backup. (Your Backup will be in the Backup folder of the MTK Droid Tools folder.)
15. Disconnect your USB when the backup is complete.
16. Press the power button to reboot to system.

Now, the Flash Instructions
1. Be sure you backed up your NVRAM/IMEI data above.
2. Open the flash tool.
3. Click the Scatter-loading button and browse to the scatter file in the RileyROM folder.
4. Select the desired EBR1 and EBR2 files for the user app space size you wish to create. They MUST MATCH.
5. Use the Download Only mode.
6. Turn the tablet off.
7. Click the Download button.
8. Connect the USB to your tablet.
9. Watch the activity at the bottom of the screen.
10 A green X will appear indicating you are done with the download.
11. With the tablet off, hold the vol+ button and press power until the tablet powers up…you will go into recovery.
12. Using the volume buttons and the power button navigate through recovery and do a “wipe/factory reset”.
13. Boot to system.

14. Your tablet will boot to KitKat. Wait a few minutes for any apps to appear in the app drawer that you’ve placed in the autoinstall folder. (Be careful not to over use the autoinstall feature. This is for just a few necessary apps like a terminal or file explorer app. You can add the main Titanium app to autoinstall, but the key app won’t work this way.)

Download v1.0
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