Antivirus Dr.Web V10.1.2

Dr.Web Antivirus Dr.Web Anti-virus software is an internationally renowned Android platform to the unique characteristics of the risk of non-procedural algorithms known for top security software, it is the only safe brand of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defence licenses . Since 1992, the big spider anti-virus software has been the subject of the Russian parliament, the president’s office as well as tens of thousands of global consumers and business users, business users of the pro-Lai and recognition, have won several well-known British magazine Virus Bulletin100% of the award. (The software comes with Simplified Chinese) support for real-time anti-virus protection, system processes, do not eat too much – supported memory SD card loaded after each scan. key file address: http: //bbs.mumayi.com/viewthread.php tid = 137656 & (the Key into the SD Card files Android / data / com.drweb / inside)

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