Android Assistant V23.10

Android Assistant Android Assistant can help you terminate the process, freeing memory, speed up phone speed, lower power consumption, cache cleaning to help your phone more efficient and stable work.
18 major functions:
1 monitoring status (cpu, memory, battery: android Assistant provides real-time CPU, memory and battery status, can help you keep the performance monitoring system.
2 Process management: You can distinguish different types of processes, to avoid manslaughter, fast optimization and automatic optimization process can intelligently turn off unwanted, ignored list can be personalized.
3 Cache Cleaner
4 System Cleanup: Browser History, Clipboard, Market History, Gmail History, Google Earth History, Google Maps history.
5 power settings: by turning off Bluetooth, wifi, gps, automatic synchronization, automatically rotate the screen, touch and set the screen brightness, the screen time-out power.
6 File Manager
Optimization 7 boot
8 batch uninstall
9 power situation
10 boot time
11 mute switch
12 Volume Set
13 profile settings
14 System Information
15 widget
16 batch installation
17 Move to SD card (supports android2.2 later)

18 application backup and restore.

More exciting news will be coming


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