Elephone: Vanguard Of 2016 Chinese Android Phone Invasion?

Elephone M3 Pro will get Sony IMX230, Android 6 and US LTE

The big excitement for the M3 and M3 Pro though is that they will both offer native LTE support to customers in the U.S! Cheap Android phone are headed to America!

That is huge.

How long before some are picked up by Best Buy and branded Insignia phones?

How long before they show up at B&H Photo, kicking out better-known brand names that don’t sell much (hello, goodbye, Sony?)?

How will their low prices affect the high prices of current Android phones?

We’ve seen the Android tablet market destroyed by people flocking to price. Can the same thing happen with Android phones?

By this time next year, we could be looking at the ruins of the Android phone market.

thanks to mike.


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