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There are so many smartphones out there that is very hard to choose one, there are so many factors that you should think of before buying a new smartphone. Elephone M1 is a low budget phone which I think will suit everyone’s needs because for that price tag you get a lot more than other big Companies like Samsung,HTC etc . You will not find any other phone with the same Performance in that price range and that is guaranteed. We would also like to thank Geekbuying for offering us this Unit, take in mind that they have the best price on this Smartphone, you can get it from Here . 



Let’s start off with the design and how the phone looks. The Elephone M1 is a very stylish smartphone I have to say, it has an elegant look and looks quite premium. Its body includes up of a metal construct which not only supplies durability to the smartphone, nevertheless it appears first-rate aesthetically too. When we gripped the smartphone for the very first time, we knew that we have been dealing with a premium best handset in view that of the fabric that was used to make it used to be made of very excessive first-class., also the fingerprint scanner in the back of the device gives a more eye-catching look to the M. Elephone M1 heirs the design of the Huawei P8 and the iPhone 6, both smartphones are beautiful so is the M1.

20151120 102933

20151120 103959


Hardware specifications


Chipset: MediaTek MT6735
Processor: Quad-core Cortex-A53 at 1.3GHz
GPU: Mali-T720 MP1
Memory: 16GB (supports a microSD storage card up to 64GB)
Battery: 2,780mAh
Display size: 5.5 inch
Screen resolution: 1280 x 720
Charging port type: microUSB 2.0
Networking: LTE/4G/3G/GPS/Wifi/Bluetooth


Button Placement

In 2015 people tend to buy smartphones with big displays and that’s the issue, some hands are small and some big. The M1 with the 5.5inch display is quite big and in many phones with that big display placing the buttons in the right position is a nightmare. Thankfully the M1 buttons are well aligned and correctly placed, coming from a Note 4 with a 5.7inch display I enjoyed more having the power and volume buttons in the right hand side. Not incorporating a bodily residence button proper within the core is a process that a number of Chinese smartphone OEMs follow and it’s not necessarily a good approach. This is because it’s not going to provide that clicking sensation when a user really presses a physical home button, and majority of the instances, they will need to tap on the capacitive button.  Nonetheless, that you could still expertise that equal sensation by picking to switch on the vibration feature, although it is going to now not be the identical as an exact physical button and the opposite trade-off is that it’s going to give you more battery life.

20151120 104031


Display and resolution

I would love to see a Full HD Display on this smartphone but sadly, Elephone integrated it to the Elephone M2 which is an upgraded version of the M1, but don’t panic having an HD display will you more battery life. Despite the HD display on the M1, performs very good. Having the brightness to maximum level I had no problem using the phone under the Sun, also the display is gorgeous, I have never seen such a beautiful HD display on a smartphone at first I couldn’t believe that it was only HD. The M1 has some awesome viewing angles thanks to the IPS panel, even though you will easily be able to notice the difference in display quality thanks to its 5.5 inch screen. The pixel per inch density of Elephone M1 is relatively low, which will degrade the overall quality and experience of the user, but eventually you will get used to it. MediaTek has developed features that are simple to use and cater to the latest trends. MiraVisionTM provides the high-definition, fluid video playback you would expect from an HD television screen while using a mobile device. This means crisp and smooth video during action scenes; a responsive touch display with no lag as you swipe from page to page; brightness and contrast controls that automatically adjust based on your environment. You’ll be amazed at the clarity and responsiveness MiraVision provides.


UI Impressions

The Elephone M1 comes with Android 5.1 with its own Custom UI and Launcher. Thanks to the MediaTek MT6735 the experience is smooth and fast, no lag at all. That means that the Android Lollipop can handle from low performance CPUs like the one M1 has. Coming from a TouchWiz UI, I find the Elephone’s Launcher very lighting fast and smooth with a lot of options and customizations. The built-in Launcher has its own Theme store unlike the Note 4, also there is no App Drawer so you have to organize the apps in the folders, but Elephone does a really good job on that too there are some gestures that are very handy and easy to use don’t forget that they implemented a built in One Tap Cleaner. All the stock apps are working correctly without any issues. Although there are 2 things that disappointed me , firstly there is no option to change the System Font and secondly there is no option to enable the battery Percentage , but you can do that by installing an app from PlayStore, plus there is NO Root Method available for the MT6735, I guess we will have to wait.


As we said earlier the performance of the phone so far is absolutely amazing. With a quad core CPU clocked at 1.3GHz having multiple applications open and gaming was piece of cake for the M1. I tried to squeeze and push the device to its limits I haven’t seen it lag yet, I have to say that Elephone did a great Job with this device. Comparing it to my Note 4 clocked at 2.7Ghz some apps run faster and much smoother on M1, maybe the reason for that is that the MediaTek CPU has a 64-bit architecture, but hey it’s still a 1.3Ghz CPU it won’t give you too much power. One of the best features of this smartphone is the fingerprint scanner, I have to say that is one of the fastest and more accurate fingerprint scanner I have ever used, its fast and accurate, and you don’t need anything else. You can see below some of the benchmarks.


Screenshot 2015 11 20 21 20 04 Screenshot 2015 11 20 21 37 09Screenshot 2015 11 26 20 03 05 Screenshot 2015 11 26 20 03 17



The camera is not that great but not so bad either. I would rank it as a medium-range smartphone camera. OmniVision 13MP camera (physical 8.0MP, upgraded to 13MP with software) says Elephone. It also supports 1080p video recording. A variety of shooting modes like sunset, landscape and portrait are supported. And various filters in black and white, cameo, neon, etc, fun techniques like Smile Snapshot, Picture in Picture Mode and more, so obviously picture taking is more interesting. The back Camera performs quite good under light, but with no Lights you can barely see the picture you have taken, also what i noticed is that when you try to take a picture in the dark with lighting coming from a TV or display the whole picture gets Green. Now let’s talk about the 2MP front camera, one added feature that not many smartphones have is the flash on the front, but other than that nothing special, the front camera is bad, it’s not the right smartphone if you are a selfie person. See some examples HERE.


Battery Life

You hardly find smartphones with awesome battery life, and this phone isn’t one. It has a very good battery life but not awesome. The idle times were amazing, better than my Note 4’s. The Elephone M1 lasted for 3 and a half days without charging while in the end I had 2hours and 30minutes of SOT. The M1 has two power saving modes , one is for intelligent power saving standby which means when the phone is idle it consumes way less energy and there is also the Battery Saver Mode which reduces the device’s performance and limits vibration and background processes. Overall the battery is great, it can totally last you a full day with medium usage. If you play games all day the battery will not last you for the day, it can reach approx. 3-4hours of SOT with light to medium usage. See screenshots below.


Screenshot 2015 11 26 20 26 18 Screenshot 2015 11 26 20 26 26




Overall the Elephone M1 is an almost perfect smartphone, despite the beautiful elegant look with its all metal body design it also has an awesome display, a very good speaker, quite good back camera, great battery life and the performance is great. Don’t forget the awesome fingerprint scanner which is located in the back of the device. The only drawbacks I found on the M1 were the front camera and the lack of customizations on the System. Elephones UI (Interface) does a really good job of keeping up the performance. We would also like to point out that the M1 has a two slots one for SIM and one for microSD card up to 128GB, but you can also have two SIM cards instead. If you care about aesthetics then this smartphone is for you because it can combine enough performance for many different tasks and also having a smartphone that others will be jealous about. The best price we could find was at Geekbuying which they have it for $130. We think it’s a great deal since the phone it solid as rock and the performance brilliant in light to medium tasks.


Pros :

+ Premium Design

+ Solid all metal body structure

+ Perfomance

+ Elephone’s Launcher

+ FingerPrint Scanner

+ Display



Cons :

– Front Camera

– Cannot be rooted

– Cannot change system font

– Other missing customizations

– Not enough Development




More exciting news will be coming soon: www.elephone.hk 

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