Elephone P8000 Source Code released

Elephone P8000 Source Code released

Before the Elephone P8000 was originally launched, Elephone made rather a big deal about their plans to release the source codes required for devs to produce their own roms for the P8000.

A while later Elephone did release via Github a set of source files, but sadly they were not complete and devs were unable to utilise them in a meaningful way to produce roms.

Elephone P8000 Source Code released

This all seems set to change for the better now as Elephone have today released the required P8000 source files (again via Github), hopefully this time everything that is required to enable some amazing custom roms to be created as well as ports of other roms or features currently not available on the Elephone P8000 and even community based fixes for existing problems on current Elephone roms will be included.

In the past Elephone have been a little let down by buggy rom releases and slow fixes, what we really need is for devs to jump on board and start working on the phone, not just to help existing users but also to show Elephone how truly important an active developer community is for a handset and also to persuade them to do the same for their forthcoming handsets such as the P9000 and Vowney.

I look forward to a bright future for the P8000 and look forward to seeing what can now be achieved.

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Kind regards Shanos

Elephone P8000 Source Code released here

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