Elephone Explorer 4K action camera goes on sale

Elephone was working on an action camera for a while now and it seems like the product is finally ready to go on sale. The new product is called the Elephone Explorer action camera, and it comes with very good characteristics and a very enticing asking price.

Elephone Explorer Action Camera – Characteristics


The all new Ele-Cam will be able to capture video at 4K resolution at 15fps, but if you want something smoother you’ll have to record at a lower resolution. The Elephone Explorer camera can also record slow motion video at 1080p. Maybe the most important characteristic though is the fact that the camera will be waterproof, unlike the Xiaomi Yi for example which need a separate housing case to achieve water resistance.

You can also take picture with the Elephone Explorer camera at 16MP resolution, but that of course is not the focus with this product. The new action camera comes with a 170 degree wide angle lens, and the sensor is supplied by Omnivision, and is a back side illuminated (BSI) CMOS one. The CPU is provided from Allwinner and is a Cortex-A7 one, and lastly, theEle-Cam will have a 2.0 inch HD screen which you can use to preview the scene you are about to capture, but you can also use your smartphone for that with a special app.

Elephone Explorer Camera – Pricing

If you want to purchase the new Elephone Explorer camera, then you’ll have to hurry, since the first batch which will include only 500 cameras will be offered from the 20th to the 23rd of November for $69.99. If you miss your chance to buy one Ele-Cam now then you’ll have to wait until December 5th, when the next batch of Elephone action cameras will be available.


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