Tougher Elephone S2 & S2 are coming soon

Tougher Elephone S2 & S2 are coming soon and will be equipped with Corning gorilla glass and will also now support WCDMA 850MHz.

The addition of Corning gorilla glass to the S2’s will be sen by many as a great improvement, both phones feature glass front and rear panels, making the risk of breakage from a drop considerably higher than a normal phone.

Now at least with the Gorilla glass the odds are stacked a little more in your favour, having said that its still a good idea to get a case on the phone to protect it.

If you are looking for a handset to use in North America on networks such as AT&T, Bell Mobility, Commnet wireless, Lusacell, Rogers, SaskTell or Telus then the addition of WCDMA 850MHz will be a real plus point for you.

Hopefully with the release of the new batch of  S2 and S2 Plus phones, Elephone will have fixed the GPS issues that had affected the earlier releases of the phone.

The S2 is a stylish handset with a great design featuring diamond styling beneath the rear glass panels, the design refracts light differently depending on the angle that light hits it from.

Whilst the phone maybe a mid priced handset and therefore not aimed at the high end market place, it is a phone that draws glances and starts conversations from style conscious people and those that like things a little different from the usual bland designs that adorn most android handsets.

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