REMOVU S1 – The best gimbal for GoPro cameras with remote control

Do you miss taking shots with your GoPro cameras from angles which are really difficult? Now you can easily take stable shots from those difficult angles that you have never done before with REMOVU S1GoPro gimbal. REMOVU S1 is a startup that is specializing in GoPro accessories. The company has just launched a new Indiegogo Campaign for the REMOVU S1, the world’s most versatile gimbal for GoPro camera.

REMOVU S1 is World’s first rainproof 3-axis gimbal for GoPro cameras, equipped with a Bluetooth remote control. With REMOVU S1 GoPro gimbal you can easily take stable shots from angles that you never could before.

The S1 can be mounted anywhere taking with your GoPro camera. You can mount it to your body, a bike, a helmet, and wherever you want to mount a GoPro. The REMOVU S1 also comes with a detachable hand grip that is equipped with a Bluetooth joystick remote, which will allow you to control your gimbal from a distance.

REMOVU S1 is simply the best gimbal for people who really wanted to take awesome shots with their GoPro camera.


It Stabilize your scenes

Using three brushless DC motors and rotary sensors, you can take extremely stabilized professional shots with you GoPro, in any kind of activity. And with it’s unique mounting capabilities, it allows you to get stable footage from angles that you never could before.

Control your angle wirelessly

REMOVU S1 is fully controllable from a distance using the detachable Bluetooth remote control. The Bluetooth remote control is equipped with a joystick that allow you to change the cameras position and orientation wirelessly.

Key Features of REMOVU S1

1- Bluetooth Remote Control

REMOVU S1 is comes with a detachable wireless joystick remote control that uses Bluetooth technology. Using the 5-way jog key Bluetooth remote, you can wirelessly control the angle of the camera, and change the modes on the gimbal.

REMOVU S1 features

One-Click Mounting System

REMOVU S1 provides you one-click mounting system, so you can easily mount and unmount your camera. The company will make additional housings for other action cameras in the future.

Detachable Handle Bar

The detachable handle bar and the mount clip provide maximum versatility.


The REMOVU S1 has been designed for withstand harsh weather, which allows you to take your shots while in the rain. The motors and body are specially designed to be water resistant. The S1 also comes with a custom waterproof housing for your GoPro camera. This waterproof housing protects your GoPro from rain and snow.

OLED Display

REMOVU S1 has two OLED displays that indicate the mode that you are currently using and the S1 battery level. These OLED displays are on both the body and the handle grip, so you can always see what mode you are in and change settings with ease.


All of the S1 perks come with one S1 body, handheld grip with detachable remote, one battery and a battery/remote dock charger. The shipping cost is included in the price.

Stretch Goals

We will come up with awesome additional bonuses as we progress through the campaign.

You can find more details on the campaign here.

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